1 Slider_ Jen Robbins
“To know Susan is proof I must have done something good in this life. Her passion for photography has given a rebirth to my own. Professionally she is decisive yet open, clear about what sells and how to sell! She is committed to excellence and her honesty is part of how she attains that, making time for feedback and connections on a personal level. She is tireless in her support and genuine in her ability to make a career of photography. I love her and feel quite blessed we have crossed paths.”
Jennifer Robbins, Photographer
3 Slider_ Sandro
“Susan has been tremendously insightful in my career and guiding my work, giving me the best professional advise from years of experience. With an open ear she listens and learns who I am and the work that I’m most driven to produce. From there her knowledge takes my work to a new and better place. She’s an icon in the field of photography and makes the most competitive vocation in the world a better and more understandable industry for me to continue being on top of.”
Sandro, Photographer
2 Slider_ Maxine Helfman
“Susan Baraz brings both an educated and passionate eye to the work. Her years in photography have given her a broad perspective. My work has benefited from her guidance and unwavering support, which has contributed to my growth”
Maxine Helfman, Photographer