I have had the pleasure of working with the wonderful Susan Baraz for many years. Her keen knowledge and enthusiasm of photography is amazing. From the moment I met Susan I knew she was an incredible human being. I have never met anyone in our industry with such a personal interest in the success of everyone she meets. For me, I will be forever grateful for her kind support and help throughout my career as a photography agent.
I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who is looking to grow their business in the photography industry. Her love and dedication to the world of photography makes her a joy to work with and someone who is truly special.”
Doug Truppe - Photo Agent, Doug Truppe Represents
After being in AtEdge from the start and getting advise from Susan I recently had the pleasure to work on a portfolio edit with her. She had such great insight and constructive direction for my work. Her knowledge of the medium, both commercial and artistic is a resource that very few people have in our business. All of that combined with a natural compassion and care for anyone who is lucky enough to work with her is such a bonus. A great and productive experience and one that has had an enduring effect on me and my work.”
James Salzano - Photographer, James Salzano Photography
Susan cuts to the chase in not only discovering and really seeing what your best work is, but making it flow in the most effective way so that creatives and galleries can clearly see what your true vision is, in a cohesive format.
It’s taking away the excess, and editing the best image connections in your work, so that even you, personally, can see your authentic self and the path to follow in your work.
If that weren’t enough she is a champion of all those who benefit from working with her. Getting galleries and reps to pay attention to whomever she promotes, because they too regard her taste as spot on for what they might be interested in carrying, whether it’s commercial or fine art.
There’s no one like her; in life and in this industry. “
Roxanne Lowit - Photographer, Roxanne Lowit Photography
Susan Baraz brings both an educated and passionate eye to the work. Her years in photography have given her a broad perspective. My work has benefited from her guidance and unwavering support, which has contributed to my growth”
Maxine Helfman, Photographer
Susan Baraz has an impeccable eye for talent, a propensity for recognizing what makes a great image, and then furthermore, how to stitch together the greatest images to make a powerful and engaging edit. Her expertise is the result of talent, dedication, flair, and her commitment to over 30 years experience in the field. An authoritative force in the photography world, Susan has a distinct, refined, and distinguished capacity to recognize current market trends.
Susan is polished, poised, and cultured. She is devoted and personally vested in everything she touches. Susan’s projects are all an extension of herself: her role as co-chair of the Lucies, Director of Photography at At-Edge, her founding role in the non-profit Focus on Aids. She is a true force in of nature both in the photography world and beyond. “
Sherry Riad - Photo Rep, Riad Represents
Susan’s keen eye for photography is valued world wide in both the commercial and fine art fields.
Her tireless love and passion for photography is admirable. She is one of the great assets to the photo community. “
Hossein Farmani - Gallery Owner
To know Susan is proof I must have done something good in this life. Her passion for photography has given a rebirth to my own. Professionally she is decisive yet open, clear about what sells and how to sell! She is committed to excellence and her honesty is part of how she attains that, making time for feedback and connections on a personal level. She is tireless in her support and genuine in her ability to make a career of photography. I love her and feel quite blessed we have crossed paths.”
Jennifer Robbins, Photographer
Susan has been tremendously insightful in my career and guiding my work, giving me the best professional advise from years of experience. With an open ear she listens and learns who I am and the work that I’m most driven to produce. From there her knowledge takes my work to a new and better place. She’s an icon in the field of photography and makes the most competitive vocation in the world a better and more understandable industry for me to continue being on top of.”
Sandro, Photographer